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Body Measurement Notebook & Sketchbook.(for pattern drafting and sewing)

Body Measurement Notebook & Sketchbook. (for pattern drafting and sewing). Blank Body Measurement Chart to record measurements for your different fashion design projects. With adjacent sketching pad to link the design to the body measurement.

This stylish and practical A4 8.27 x 11.69 inch (21 x 29.7cm) 122 pages notebook has been beautifully and professionally designed for all levels of dressmaking, tailoring and fashion designers. The Notebook & Sketchbook is formatted for easy recording of all the different measurements needed to draft lovely dresses, skirts, tops, trousers and runway projects. It includes adjacent dotted pages for sketching the related designs. It makes a great efficient record keeping book to document your designs along with the measurements. It can also serve to record your clients measurement with an adjacent space to sketch their desired designs.

Ideal design for writing: All lines in the notebook are lightweight so they are less distracting. It 

Functional size: A4 8.27 x 11.69 inch (21 x 29.7cm) dimensions; the ideal size for all purposes. 

Reliable standards: Book industry perfect binding (the same standard binding as the books in your local library). Tough glossy paperback. Crisp white paper, with quality that minimizes ink bleed-through. The book is great for either pen or pencil users.

Body Measurement Notebook & Sketchbook  features include:

  • 60 measurement chart white pages
  • 60 Dotted pages ( to sketch your designs)
  • Gorgeously designed glossy cover
  • Portable Format 8.27 x 11.69 inch (21 x 29.7 cm)

Journals and notebooks are the perfect gifts for any occasion. This Body Measurement Notebook & Sketchbook would make a perfect gift to yourself or for your friends or colleagues or family.

Pattern Making for Fashion Design – beginner’s guide

Would you like to make clothes that actually fit you? Or do you want to design, and realise your own patterns? Then learn the techniques of pattern drafting with your own measurements to create paper patterns that fit your body perfectly.

This is a practical organised course aim to teach you the fundamentals of Pattern drafting from scratch, by creating your own bespoke block/sloper, transforming your block/sloper into fashion styles and designs.

Click her to access the Online Class

New Video Course: How to sew a lined skirt without a pattern

In this course, we’ll be covering:

  • Drafting a skirt from your own body measurement
  • Fixing a standard zip
  • Sewing a slit into your skirt
  • Add lining to our skirt

I put my best teaching methods to use in this course, so you’ll learn through a combination of video lessons delivered by me, real life examples, and supplemental material.

Online Sewing Class

 Look forward to seeing you in the course. Feel free to forward this to friends and colleagues who would benefit!

Learn to Sew : Make Buttoned Pillow Cover & Zip Pencil Case

This is a  follow on to my Learn to sew with a sewing machine course, were you learnt some basic skills in sewing. The technique you will learn in this course  forms building blocks for any and every sewing projects. We would dive into the world of seams, buttons, buttonholes and zips.

Online Sewing Class

The techniques you learn would be applied in the sewing projects Buttoned Pillow Cover & Zip Pencil Case which are part of this course.